Rendering application output through PDF with Checkjet

Some workflows render a document out to PDF and then print the PDF to generate paper output. For Checkjet to work in these workflows, the TypeHaus placeholder fonts must be rendered by a PCL5 print driver, and they need to be included properly in the PDF in order for them to be rendered by the driver. Here is a quick example for this workflow using Microsoft Word.


    1. In MS Word, use the TypeHaus placeholder fonts. In most cases you should see "TypeHaus Signature" for signatures, and a greyed out E13B font for the MICR font.
    2. From MS Word, click Save As PDF, then click Options. Make sure that the option "Bitmap text when fonts may not be embedded" is NOT selected, click OK and then Save
    3. View the PDF in Adobe Reader, right click on the page and click Document Properties. You should see the font is included, and does NOT show (Embedded Subset)
    4. If you are using the HP Universal PCL 5 driver, look in Devices and Printers, right click on the printer and select Printer Properties, then look at the Advanced tab and make sure the option under Document Options -> Printer Features->Send True Type As Bitmap is set to Disabled
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