Understanding the Project Information page

All custom work from TypeHaus should come with a Project Information page. The Project Information page shows several important pieces of information. At the top is overall information about the project, and in the Resource Index below are details about the individual components included in the delivery.

Here is a sample Project Information sheet:

On this page are indicated the following key pieces of information:

  • TypeHaus Job Number: This unique number identifies your custom resources. In this example it is TH4000
  • Resource Index: This is an itemized list of the individual fonts/forms/signatures/logos included with your shipment. This resource index has listings for a PCL font signature, MICR, and some additional fonts used for OCR and barcodes.
  • Resource Index Entries: These each include a name, a PCL command, and ASCII mapping where appropriate. The PCL command is the escape sequence used for the resource. 
  • If the resource is a font then it may also include information about mapping to ASCII characters. In this case the escape sequence is <esc>(1Q<esc>(s1p36.0v0s0b0T and the ASCII character is "S".
  • Many fonts have multiple mappings for a single escape sequence. The MICR font included here maps to the characters 0-9 and the A-D, according to the matrix shown here:
  • Other fonts may be listed with their names and escape sequences if similar to other deliveries:

  • Print Sample: The back of the Project Information page should include a sample of the custom images printed on the page: 
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