11B525-00 Updating Firmware

Updating the firmware on the Barcodejet is a simple procedure in most instances. To update the firmware for your Barcodejet:

  1. Save the files "BCJ PJT 2.77.fp2" and Flashprog.exe, linked at the bottom of this article, to your computer
  2. Double click on the Flashprog application icon.
  3. Click "Find" and select the file "BCJ PJT 2.77". 
  4. Make sure the Barcodejet is attached to a printer, then type the IP address of the printer to which the Barcodejet is attached in the "Printer/IP" field.
  5. Now click "Single" and you should see a progress bar scroll slowly across the window. You should receive a status message about whether the update was successful.
  6. When it's finished, open a web browser to http://<your.local.printer.ip>:54800. You should see "Barcodejet Version 2.77" towards the top of the page. At that point repower both the printer and the Barcodejet. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call or email.
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