Parallel Checkbox troubleshooting basics

  • Always make sure the Parallel Checkbox is plugged into the 6V Power Supply. Even if the power light is on, make sure that the device is attached to the 6V power supply and that it is plugged into a power socket. The parallel connection from the printer may supply enough power to light the LED and some functionality, but is *NOT* sufficient for normal use.
  • Try powering off the printer, removing the card from the parallel Checkbox base unit, and disconnecting all power and parallel connections to the base unit.Wait 30 seconds, then attach the power and parallel connections and power on the printer. Wait for the printer to come to a "Ready" state.
  • Confirm that the light on the Checkbox is solid green, then insert the card into the base unit. The printer's data light should briefly flash, and the LED on the Checkbox should blink orange, then the printer should return to "Ready" and the Checkbox LED should become solid green.
  • Now test the Checkbox from your host application


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